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  • Excel VBA Models Set 2  v.XL-VBA2.0Provides 12 random numbers generators - Log Normal, Log Pearson Type III, Normal, Chi-Square, F-Distribution, Student-T Distribution, Multivariate Standard Normal Distribution,Gamma, Beta, Hypergeometric, Triangular, and Binomial distributions ...
  • Decolog  v.1.0DECOLOG develops is able to decode the information present in the natural mixture of particles/sediments by mixture of the log-normal distribution. That is with innovative techniques of optimization no needs of initial guessing the observed distribution ...
  • NMath Core  v.2.2.3Vector, matrix, and complex number classes, random number generators, numerical integration, cubic spline interpolation and other high-performance functions for object-oriented numerics on the .NET platform. Interfaces to the BLAS and LAPACK.
  • Probability Calculator  v.1.2.1As the name suggests, "Probability Calculator" is an easy-to-use probability calculator. Using it you can easily pick one of 40 different probability distributions, calculate, plot and manipulate its: probability density function (pdf), cumulative ...
  • JDistlib  v.rcA Java package that provides routines for various statistical distributions. Based on R version 2.14.1. The major difference is that JDistlib is thread safe. The library contains the density (pdf), cumulative (cdf), quantile, and random number ...
  • DigitalMDM Call Log Spy Android - Live  v.3.0Silently copies all Call Log Activity sends SMS notification to a pre-defined number of any Call Activity happen on the Target device. You will receive a SMS of all incoming and outgoing phone numbers, direction, contact name and date, time.
  • Absolute Log Analyzer  v.2.32Get over 160 detailed reports with this powerful log analysis tool. Study your visitors activity "under the microscope," find patterns and improve site navigation. Get your copy Absolute Log Analyzer make your site more user-friendly and popular.
  • AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional  v.3.2An unparalleled website statistics package for professional webmasters. In addition to standard log analyzer features, Alterwind introduces unique features for professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and advertising campaign tracking.
  • Web Log DB  v.3.8The Web Log DB exports web log data to databases via ODBC. Web Log DB uses ODBC to export data from raw log files to your database. Web Log DB allows you to use the applications you have become accustomed to such as MS SQL, MS Excel, MS Access etc.
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